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The faculty, staff and students at Pontiac Township High School is working with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and have joined together to reestablish the Alligator Snapping Turtle in its historic homerange in the State of Illinois. Operation Endangered Species started in October of 2011 and we are well on the way to making the difference in this species for future generations. Our goal is quite simply to "Put the SNAP back on the map!" 

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This project is important to many people for varied reasons. In order to save the species of alligator snapping turtle, bringing awareness to the surface is the first step. With your help, our goal can easily be achieved!

History of project

This project of "Put the SNAP back on the map!" surfaced this semester here at Pontiac Township High School. The decision to adopt two of these alligator snapping turtles was made to bring awareness not only to the school and surrounding communities, but to the world. Newspaper articles and television broadcasts with live interviews have already been made to raise awareness.


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